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We proudly opened a new chapter for Korea's automobile industry by establishing ourselves as an independent provider of automobile technology for thirty years. As a sign of our strength, Hyundai cars are now to be found running in 190 countries world-wide.

Distributor in Cyprus - Cyprus Trading Corporation Public Ltd (CTC) - acknowledged as the biggest trading organisation in Cyprus. CTC operates, through five divisions, in the import and distribution of fast moving consumer goods and tobacco products, cars, commercial vehicles, heavy machinery and trucks, as well as in the retailing of home appliances and of fittings for buildings and interiors.


Address Details #1
Location Nicosia
District Nicosia
Country CYPRUS
P.o. Box 21744
P.o. Box Postal Code 1589
E-mail ctc [ at ]
Phone # (+357) 22 740 300
Fax # (+357) 22 485 385